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Hello… my name is Stanislaw (Stan) Sieradzki… I facilitate Qigong classes and also hold regular weekend workshops in the south west region of Western Australia.
I launched this website in February 2017 and my aim is to help spread awareness about the benefits of practicing Qigong.
Qigong is such a simple yet so powerful practice that anyone can learn to do and adapt into their daily lives whatever their age or capability and that’s what I really love about it.
Overall health and well-being can be dramatically improved by the regular practice of Qigong.
Have a great day
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What is Qigong?

Qigong is a practice that integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intention and meditation to gather, store, cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the vital energy within the body.
Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality, a tranquil state of mind and higher self-awareness.
Qigongs simplicity, yet with its profound effects on Mind, Body and Spirit is easy to learn, enjoyable to do and suitable for all ages and capabilities.
Some of the benefits that can be derived from the regular practice of Qigong are…reduces stress, relaxes the mind, muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs. Improves posture, balance, flexibility, circulation, strength, stamina, vitality, blood pressure, cholesterol and hormone levels, kidney function, digestion, immune function and mental acuity.
Hard to believe? Try it and you’ll find out for yourself.

Why do Qigong?

9 Reasons Why

36 Benefits

The Qigong Prayer

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Coming soon… Online Qigong Course.

Due to be launched end of the year… 2024.

Qigong... The Five Animals

The Five Animals is a powerful sequence of movements in the way that it basically moves every joint, muscle and energy channel in the body.

The slow and smooth sequence of moves also relaxes the body and calms the mind… reducing stress and anxiety… at the same time clearing the energy flow in the body and boosting the body’s capacity to rejuvenate and heal.

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One Day Workshops and Weekly Classes

Weekly Class in Bridgetown WA

Evening Qigong

Every Thursday @ 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm


Weekly Class in Bunbury WA


Every Monday @ 9.30 am – 10.30 am

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